A progressive lifestyle that includes striving for perfection. Freedom and endless possibilities. This is InBoxLifestyle - first-class facilities for only what is necessary and nothing else. Secure. Sustainable. Energy-efficient. It surpasses expectations!


Boxhouse, made of a continuous glass fibre body is an engineering and design masterpiece. Thanks to the professionally designed proportions – 4.50m × 2.40m × 2.65m – Boxhouse is spacious and conveniently portable for any distance. It is delivered fully equipped and ready-to- use and can be placed on almost any even surface in a private or other authorised area. With InBoxLifestyle a fully fledged housing or extra space can be obtained without unnecessary red tape and without building a construction site. The added value of Boxhouse is a first-class design, customised for individual preferences and needs, which permeates the interior, equipment and outer walls. Choose the layout, range of colours and exterior walls that are most suited for you! Fresh air and indoor heating is ensured by the latest generation ventilation and heating system. All of this – for low purchase and usage costs!


InBoxLifestyle will cope with its tasks exceptionally well. Each Boxhouse is individualised and, depending on your chosen layout and equipment, will serve as:


If you choose InBoxLifestyle, instead of you serving the house, the house will serve you! 

Firstly, it is affordable and requires nearly no investment after the purchase, while providing maximum returns.

Secondly, thanks to the production technology, the buildings are energy-efficient and have a very long service life. Boxhouses are designed considering the effective use of natural resources, in order to further conserve your resources! Convenient to manage and easy to clean, they save the strength of their owners and give free time for more exciting activities!

Thirdly, Boxhouse is a mobile property – a building, which is delivered by freight transport and can just as easily be moved to any location afterwards.

Fourthly, a Boxhouse is a great investment. It has high durability and a high enduring value.

Fifthly, InBoxLifestyle’s team of professionals provides first-class service. Every customer receives an individual approach and is consulted on all Boxhouse production, installation, delivery and use-related issues. Each building has a warranty, and the services of our technicians are provided throughout the life of the building. The highest standards, sustainability and service for people – these are the core values of InBoxLifestyle.

Boxhouse is a modern mobile space that gives you opportunities to expand your living space outside the usual housing settings. Our designers and engineers have created a space where you can enjoy amenities just like in a standard house, while using the latest technological advances. In addition, it is ready to change location with you. The internal and external design of the Boxhouse will be adjusted to your taste and requirements in every detail.

The most important benefit of the Boxhouse is a fully fledged living space with low purchase and usage costs.

The Boxhouse is produced in the European Union (EU), so it is available for purchase to all residents of Europe.

We invite you to contact us, and you’ll be the first to know about the start of production! We will help you finalise the order and deliver the finished Boxhouse to your desired location.

The Boxhouse technology complies with EU standards. You can easily connect it to an electricity network, as well as connect it to water and sewerage systems. The Boxhouse is energy-efficient, so the consumption of resources will be economical.

Placing the Boxhouse does not require the obtaining of a building permit or creating a construction site. It can be placed anywhere within your private or approved area. We recommend you to get acquainted with the regulations of the area concerned beforehand.

The Boxhouse costs 12-25 thousand euros, depending on the equipment you choose. VAT is included in the price.

To become a Boxhouse owner, you must approve an electronic contract and pay a deposit bill. The production time, which depends on the factory load, is coordinated with you before billing. The average production time until the start of the delivery is three months.

Yes, within the EU, the price includes all taxes and customs.

Since every Boxhouse is made to individual order, the deposit will only be refunded in exceptional cases.

InBoxLifestyle products are designed and manufactured according to the highest safety standards, which is confirmed by the respective certificates.

All buyers of the Boxhouse will receive a detailed manual on how to use our products, so that they serve in the best way possible.

The Boxhouse is delivered with a heavy duty truck, and we provide delivery to any place in Europe, where the truck can access. Delivery is agreed upon for each order separately.

Shipping costs range from 700 to 2000 euros, including taxes. The costs depend on the distance and will be agreed upon in the order. The costs do not include unloading costs and special transport services for hard to access places. You can find the shipping costs to the biggest cities in Europe in this section.

The weight of the object is 1200-2000 kg. An appropriate auto crane can unload it without difficulty.

Since the Boxhouse body is waterproof, the site does not need any special preparation. However, it is essential that the base has a 2000 kg load carrying capacity, therefore we recommend preparing it using crushed stone, cobblestones or other hard materials.

Contact us and we will inform you about the start of production, as well as the manufacturing period of your order.

Our head office is located in the Latvian capital Riga. Latvia is a member country of the EU and the Euro-zone.

Currently, delivery is possible to all European countries. For residents of other regions, we ask you to contact us.

Currently it is only possible to purchase Boxhouses on the InBoxLifestyle website, but we invite potential partners who want to become our product dealers to apply!

Our prototypes can be seen in Riga, Latvia. When new models are made, they will be exhibited in other countries too. In the future Boxhouse samples will be available at the dealers.

Yes, there is a number of options to personalise your Boxhouse. For example, the type of exterior design, interior decorations and arrangement, the equipment. Please contact us for more information on how you can customise your Boxhouse exactly to your wishes!

Thanks to the innovative manufacturing technology the Boxhouse has high energy efficiency. In addition, a significant amount of money will be saved on cleaning and management.

Dimensions: (length / width / height): 4.50m × 2.40m × 2.65m

Weight: 1200-2000 kilograms, depending on the equipment

Total floor area: 8.82 m2

There is a flushing toilet in the Boxhouse, so the object must be connected to the city communications. If the Boxhouse is located in a more remote region, the water and sewerage system can have an individual solution.

Tell us about the Boxhouse furnishing!

For the furnishing we use materials from the best producers in the world. Our approach – eco-friendly materials with sustainable resilience. We work with brands such as Forbo, Egger, Häfele, Blum, Caparol, Siemens, Mitsubishi, OPPO, Cabasse and many others.

The body and load-bearing parts of the Boxhouse have a 5 year warranty. Any installed accessories have a warranty period according to the national legislation. We provide warranty repairs, as well as service after the warranty period expires.