The design of the In Box Lifestyle products is more than a form that follows function. We have developed a near perfect relationship between appearance and usability, allowing an important role for individuality. The appearance and furnishing of each Boxhouse are created exclusively for you. Thanks to our special technology and manufacturing material, the possibilities for the external design are limitless. Textures, landscapes, graphics, photos - the outer walls of the Boxhouse are artwork, selected by you to make it stand out or harmoniously blend into the surroundings. Aesthetic functionality is a characteristic of the exterior and interior of the In Box Lifestyle. Each room is furnished to feel natural and to meet individual needs. Just choose one of the furniture and colour combinations developed by our designers to get the maximum possible practicality and a cosy atmosphere. The high quality of our products is ensured by world-class standards.


Stone, wood, concrete, bricks, historic looking plaster – classical values in the exterior wall finish. This design solution allows the look of the Boxhouse to be brought closer to the look of other buildings within the territory, thus creating a harmonious composition.


The outer walls of a Boxhouse can be as varied as the nature itself! You can customise the building according to its surroundings, perpetuate your place of inspiration or your favourite season on the building in any form.


A flag is a powerful symbol, and such choice shows patriotism and bold taste. From the outside, the building will resemble a three-dimensional flag, into which you can enter and feel safe – just like in your country.

Basic colors

Match the colours of the exterior and interior of the building! Bright or toned down, warm or cool – every colour creates a unique atmosphere and can invoke emotions! By joining several Boxhouses, you can create a range of colours that is suited for the location and conditions.


It is well known that children are very demanding when it comes to brightness, joy and uplifting emotions! Let the outer walls become episodes of their favourite cartoons! Different character for each wall? Why not? – Boxhouse is a friendly place!


A subtle graphical masterpiece emphasises your individuality. Flowing lines both accentuate separate buildings, and stylistically connect several Boxhouses. We wish for them to serve you reliably, giving you joy and inspiration!


Sophistication, elegance, natural beauty – flowers possess the talent to create such an environment! Select from thousands of flower varieties and the Boxhouse will flourish for your pleasure!