Special assembly technology allows one to construct a modern dormitory on a flat surface, with no groundworks. The other option is to arrange buildings in a wider area, thus creating an energy-efficient student campus. Every future specialist living in a Boxhouse will be provided with a high level of comfort, which in turn will let them achieve better study results. InBoxLifestyle – added value to the offer of educational institutions!

Choosing In Box Lifestyle Boxhouses for accommodating vacationers has numerous benefits. Firstly, the user comfort and the resulting increase in the value of services. Secondly, saving of money and time on cleaning and management of the premises, an outstanding warranty service. Thirdly, a safe investment for long-term success. Provide your clients with unprecedented rest! Innovation, inspiring design and functional interior – these are impressions to be shared!
Boxhouses especially for children and sports camps are designed and arranged so that they fully meet the needs of both the organisers and participants. Consistent quality of premises, resistance to external impacts and economy of resources on the one hand, and comfort, functionality and cosiness – on the other. It is possible to place Boxhouses both at a distance and in close proximity to one another, thereby making effective use of the space meant for accommodating participants.