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  • SIZE

    The Box outer dimensions: H2.65m L4.50m W2.40m The Box inner dimensions: H2.30m L4.22m W2.12m There are different possibilities to connect two and more Boxes together getting more space.


    The weight is between 1.0 and 2.0 tons The Box is very light thanks to materials used in the body. The weight differs upon equipment installed inside. A crane is required for unloading the product.


    The price depends on model and equipment. We prepare price offer for each request taking into account all customer's needs and wishes.


    Production time is between 8 and 12 weeks after order and down-payment.


    The Box is transported with a standard container truck and is lifted onto the ground by a suitably powered crane. For multiple orders there goes 3 boxes in one truck. The trasport costs depends on the distance between factory and exploitation place.


    This is the huge difference from other material buildings. The Box facade is like a boat, so it does require nothing more than cleaning with regular water jet.


    The wall is 14.0 cm wide which thanks to materials is totally enough to live in all year long. This wall is comparable to a classical wall, which is usually more thicker. The body of the Box is hot proof of 47.00°C and cold proof of -47.00°C.


    There is an insulation of 10.0 cm to keep temperature inside. We are using high quality materials that does not putrefy, is not a medium for micro-organisms, is not harmful to the environment , is self-extinguishing and is not affected by the weather. The roof and floor is also insulated the same as all walls.


    There is a wide range of plastic and aluminum windows available with different opening systems as well as glazed part of the roof for special projects.


    Paint, wall panels, photo wallpapers or linoleum. Our designer will suggest the best solution for every single project. We offer interior visualizations before the order is made.


    All furniture is custom made and carefully thought out to be maximally ergonomic.


    Electric heated floor with thermo regulation not only helps to heat up the space in winter time, but also drains the air in spring and autum, when it is usually too moist. This floor heats the room evenly and is more comfortable than typical central heating.

  • AIR

    The air exchange is provided with ventilation with recuperation. It is also possible to install air conditiong and air cleaning systems. The most common reason why the mold appears on the walls is lack of ventilation, inncorect home insulation and improperly selected materials. The Box is made from materials that does not support mold by themselves and also equiped with latest technologies that helps to make perfect climate inside.


    We are different with breathtaking facade designs. Using 3M films to wrap the box partially or completely, we achieve effect when the Box integrates into the environment or becomes an outstanding object.


    We offer to connect electricity with ABB IP 67 3-phase socket or connect electrical cable directly to the Box fuse cabinet through prepared channel. The Box technology complies with EU standards. It is energy-efficient, so the consumption of resources will be economical.


    Water connection is possibe to half inch exit in the facade. It somes together with self heating cable in the regions where is a risk of freezing.


    It is possible to connect the Box to the city, local or alternative sewerage systems.


    The body and load-bearing parts of the Box have a 5 year warranty. Any installed accessories have a warranty period according to the national legislation (usually 2 years). We provide warranty repairs, as well as service after the warranty period expires.


    As the Box is very light and waterproof, it is possible to put it on almost every flat surface. There is no need to build a construction site. If the ground is very soft, we recommend to spill the breakstone. There should be enough space around exploitation place for the truck and crane to deliver the Box.


    Very long service life ensures the suitability for the secondary market with high resale value. Easy to transport to other place and continue to use elsewhere.