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For business

    Camping Box

    After a continuous use, wooden camping houses and campers often look already worn-out and rusty, however the Camping Box we offer, delivers a new standard of quality and comfort. Simple and designer versions up to 4 people stay.

    Sauna Box

    Increase your business profitability increasing the good feeling of your customers and employees with our Sauna Box.  Get a sauna in the property without construction works or building remodeling. Easy connect to electricity. Combine with showers,  kitchenette or lounge area. Add a beautiful terrace and let people relax in piece and nature.

    Panorama Box

    Star and northen light watching has become more and more trendy lately. Panorama Box is a fantastic product to stand out among other hospitality businesses and give all guests a breathtaking experience. Huge roof window is something to feel on your skin.

    WC/Shower Box

    Often the whole hospitality business is rated based on the facilities. Give your guests the best experience with modern, easy maintained Facility Box. Last generation ventilation systems, automatic systems for disabled people service, waste tanks and waste pumps options.

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    Retail Box

    Whatever you retail business is, we can offer a solution. Light and design retail box will highlight your business among others at the same time will be organically integrated into the environment with 3M wrapping. Customized layout, design and equipment for your business standards, needs and wishes.


    Office Box

    Ideal working condition or meetings with privacy. Adding a toilet and coffee corner reaches the highest comfort. Supplementing with solar panels offers opportunity to work independently from city communications.

    Project Pine tree

    Ready hospitality business project. If you ever dreamed of becoming  a small hotel owner, this is a great opportunity without construction and designing work. Possibility to make it self service, so continuous presence is not required. Give your customer home feeling and privacy at the same time. Prefabricated products installed in 10 working days.

    Project Palm tree

    Combine several boxes in one complex and make a great place for family vacation. Add tent for coziness and to escape direct sun. Nice opportunity to make full service recreation, chic and stylish resort.