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Garden house


    Living Box

    Place for yourself or additional room for your grown up kids, retired parents or guests.  Extra bed spaces or full living version for independent living. 

    Ergonomic furniture and economical in use. Electric heated floor for living all year round. Great investment and reusable for seconadry market.


    Office Box

    Work from home is no more a challenge among kids, pets and noise. Quiet place for working atmosphere and phone calls. Clean, fresh air, perfect working condition. Space for workplace and even to have clients or partners. Could be equipped with toilet and coffee machine.


    Camping Box

    After a continuous use, wooden camping houses and campers often look already worn-out and rusty, however the Camping Box we offer, delivers a new standard of quality and comfort. Simple and designer versions up to 4 people stay.



    Panorama Box

    Star and northen light watching has become more and more trendy lately. Panorama Box is a fantastic product for standing out among other hospitality businesses and give all guests a breathtaking experience.




    Project Palm Tree

    Combine several boxes in one complex and make a great place for family vacation. Add tent for coziness and to escape direct sun. Nice opportunity to make full service recreation, chic and stylish resort.



    Project Pine Tree

    Completed hospitality business project. If you have ever dreamed of becoming a small hotel owner, this is a great opportunity without construction and design work. Possibility to make it self service, so continuous presence is not required. Give your customers sense of home and privacy at the same time. Prefabricated products installed in 10 working days.






    Floating Box

    In co-operation with pontoon manufacturer TopMarine you can get any box you like also on the water. Delicate or bigger with teracce, ask us and we will find solution!





    Cinema Box

    Your personal cinema in the garden. Chic and stylish movie oasis. Nice interior, comfortable furniture and sound isolation will give you unexpected experience.






    Storage Box

    Extra space for any storing. Add lifting gates for bigger items or storage shelves for your convenience. Arrange the yard and home with this stylish solution.




    Bike Box

    Great space for your bike near house. Equipped with automatic gate system, ventilation and heating will provide the highest comfort for the vehicle and its owner. Add dryer for clothes, instrument cabinets, refrigerator or TV. Make it a man’s cave and enjoy!