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For home

    Living Box

    Place for yourself or additional room for your grown up kids, retired parents or guests.  Extra bed spaces or full living version for independent living. 

    Ergonomic furniture and economical in use. Electric heated floor for living all year round. Great investment as suitable for seconadry market.

    Sauna Box

    Sauna for your soul. Treat yourself right there near home. Easy to put in your garden and arrange a small spa party. Get a sauna in your property without construction works or home remodeling. Easy connect to electricity. Combine with shower room, kitchenette or lounge area. Add a beautiful terrace and relax in piece and nature.

    Office Box

    Work from home is no more a challenge among kids, pets and noise. Quiet place for working atmosphere and phone calls. Clean, fresh air, perfect working condition. Space for workplace and even to have clients or partners. Could be equipped with toilet and coffee machine.