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Sauna Box

Your personal portable micro-sauna! Available in sizes 9m² and 12m²

    9m² Sauna Box with small shower

    Exhaust fan in bathroom, Wiring, sockets, switches  , LED interior lighting shower 1 pcs., Electric-heated floor with thermo regulation, Trap 2 pcs., Sauna unit + heater (Harvia Delta D23), Separating wall and glass door to shower room, Shower corner with glass door, Aluminum window 1800*2080, no opening (tempered glass), Aluminum door 900*2080 (tempered glass), Water heater Electrolux EWH100F-DL EWH 100l Formax DL 2kW.


    9m² Sauna Box with lounge

    Fiberglass body with polystyrene foam insulation (thickness of 10 cm), LED lighting, Electric-heated floor with thermo regulation, Ventilation channel, Sauna unit with tempered glass wall + heater (Harvia Delta D23)

    9m² Sauna Box Panorama