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WC/ Shower Box

Portable WC/Shower Boxes adapted for personal and business needs available in sizes 9m² and 12m²


    9m² WC Box with 2 sinks and 4 toilet places, one main entry

    Ceramic toilet bowl ground standing 4 pcs., Tabletop with 2 ceramic sinks, Mirror, LED ceiling lights (3 spots), Flooring vinyl tiles, Wiring, sockets, switches, Inside walls dividing booths, Exhaust fan with air supply channel, 2 pieces.    


    9m² Shower Box – 4 showers

    Shower cabins with curtains 4 pcs., Ceramic sinks with tap 4 pcs., Mirror 4 pcs., Water heater Ariston Velis Evo 80l 4 pcs., LED ceiling lights (4 spots), LED lights on facade 4 meters, Electric-heated floor with thermo regulation, Exhaust fan with air supply channel, 4 pieces, Inside walls dividing booths, Aluminum doors with double pane windows, lock (950x2080) 4 pcs., Wiring, sockets, switches.


    9m² Double room facilities box – 2 room WC/Shower with separate entrance from the side

    Aluminum doors with milk glass, lock (950x2080) 2 pcs., 2 sockets at mirror, switches, LED ceiling lights (4 spots), Exhaust fan with air supply channel, 2 pcs., Full dividing wall between booths, Toilet bowls ground standing 2 pcs., Water heater Ariston Velis Evo Plus 80 L 2 pcs., Inside walls wooden look vinyl, Shower unit 2 pcs, thermoregulation, glass doors, Electric-heated floor with thermo regulation 2 separate units, LED light above mirror, 2 pcs., Mirror, 2 pcs., Washing table with tap 2 pcs.