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WC/ Shower Box

These are prefabricated houses that will improve the work of your company!


      Easy transportable, delivered ready to use, no construction needed


      Prepared connections to water, electricity and sewerage systems


      Isolated and equipped with technologies to feel comfort in winter or summer; solar friendly


      Outside design of full or partial wrapping with 3M films to fit in any environment


      Custom made interior and furniture; many door and window variations


      Continuous fiber glass body

    WC Box with 2 sinks and 4 toilet places, one main entry.

    Ceramic toilet bowl ground standing 4 pcs., Tabletop with 2 ceramic sinks, Mirror, LED ceiling lights (3 spots), Flooring vinyl tiles, Wiring, sockets, switches, Inside walls dividing booths, Exhaust fan with air supply channel, 2 pieces.    

    Price: 13 650.00 EUR 

    Shower Box – 4 showers.

    Shower cabins with curtains 4 pcs., Ceramic sinks with tap 4 pcs., Mirror 4 pcs., Water heater Ariston Velis Evo 80l 4 pcs., LED ceiling lights (4 spots), LED lights on facade 4 meters, Electric-heated floor with thermo regulation, Exhaust fan with air supply channel, 4 pieces, Inside walls dividing booths, Aluminum doors with double pane windows, lock (950x2080) 4 pcs., Wiring, sockets, switches.

    Price: 18 680.00 EUR

    Sauna Box with small shower.

    Exhaust fan in bathroom, Wiring, sockets, switches  , LED interior lighting shower 1 pcs., Electric-heated floor with thermo regulation, Trap 2 pcs., Sauna unit + heater (Harvia Delta D23), Separating wall and glass door to shower room, Shower corner with glass door, Aluminum window 1800*2080, no opening (tempered glass), Aluminum door 900*2080 (tempered glass), Water heater Electrolux EWH100F-DL EWH 100l Formax DL 2kW.

    Price: 16 690.00 EUR  

    Double room facilities box – 2 room WC/Shower with separate entrance form the side.

    Aluminum doors with milk glass, lock (950x2080) 2 pcs., 2 sockets at mirror, switches, LED ceiling lights (4 spots), Exhaust fan with air supply channel, 2 pcs., Full dividing wall between booths, Toilet bowls ground standing 2 pcs., Water heater Ariston Velis Evo Plus 80 L 2 pcs., Inside walls wooden look vinyl, Shower unit 2 pcs, thermoregulation, glass doors, Electric-heated floor with thermo regulation 2 separate units, LED light above mirror, 2 pcs., Mirror, 2 pcs., Washing table with tap 2 pcs.

    Price: 16 690.00 EUR